10 Tips to Ensure Effective Co-working

Working in the meeting room at The Coalface

10 Tips to Ensure Effective Co-working

Serviced Offices North London: Staying productive within busy co-working environments can be tough, so here are 10 tips to ensure effective co-working.


Top Tips to Ensure Effective Co-working

To ensure your co-working experience is effective, productive and enjoyable:

  1. Choose the right location. Make sure your co-working office is somewhere within easy reach of transport, shopping, dining and even entertainment facilities to ensure:
  • You and potential co-workers/future staff can easily commute to/from work
  • Clients can reach you with ease
  • You have somewhere to meet, dine, & wine clients

Located in Finsbury Park, just 10 minutes from Central London and the West End, The Coalface Centre is next to a tube station and within easy reach of all kinds of excellent facilities.


  1. Choose the perfect co-working space. Co-working cafes are invariably noisy and often also uncomfortable, expensive and somewhat limited in terms of services & facilities. It’s much better to choose somewhere like The Coalface Business Centre, where:
  • Everything is included
  • You can focus and get results


  1. Co-Work with Like-Minded Professionals. Try to find a co-working space where you can get support from like-minded people running businesses & motivating each other to achieve success.

Specifically catering for media, tech and creative sector freelancers, start-ups, entrepreneurs and businesses, we here at The Coalface actively promote mutual understanding & support; cooperation, networking and growth among our community’s members.


  1. Check out available facilities. Not all serviced offices North London has to offer are the same, so make sure you check out what facilities are available.

The Coalface Centre offers everything you could possibly need, including fully furnished:

  • Private offices to work in peace & privacy but, as they are divided by glass walls, without feeling isolated.
  • Co-working spaces where teams of varying sizes can exchange ideas, collaborate and network.
  • Meeting rooms of diverse designs to cater for different purposes (i.e. interviews, presentations, business/management meeting, etc.).

We also offer:

  • A stylish guest reception where a dedicated in-house team is available to greet your guests and answer your questions.
  • A modern, fully stocked kitchen with flavoured waters, “retro sweets”, diverse herbal teas, exquisite Barista coffee, and more.
  • Interior & exterior “time out” spaces designed to sure you get the rest you need to stay fresh and motivated.
  • A super-fast, fully resilient managed internet service
  • Phone booths
  • Lockers
  • Shower rooms
  • Bike storage facilities


  1. Check out what services are provided. Again, not all serviced offices are the same and some are only accessible during “working hours” (i.e. 9 – 5), so do make sure the place you choose does indeed offer all the services you require and is accessible as and when you need it.

The Coalface Business Centre is accessible 24 hours/day and 365 days/year. It is also pet-friendly – so you won’t be distracted by thoughts of your poor furry friend pining for you at home.

In addition to obviously dealing with all necessary tasks and responsibilities of running an office (including business rates, overheads, etc.), we offer an extensive range of services including:

  • Daily in-house cleaning
  • Mail services & forwarding
  • Call forwarding
  • Various catering options for your meetings
  • Valuable insights & one-to-one industry experts’ advice and more


  1. Check for Community Events. Joint business & social events among co-working communities increase exposure of your business, encourage understanding & collaboration with a community and provide excellent networking opportunities with potential investors, clients and other possibly highly influential business experts, so make sure any community you are about to join offers such events.

Dedicated to providing first-class services, we here at The Coalface regularly host/organise:

  • Complementary business and community lunches/breakfasts to nurture relationships both within our community and between you & your clients
  • Networking events/opportunities to promote collaboration and present you with ever new opportunities
  • Parties, various other social get-togethers, massage days and much, much more


  1. Check for Other Member Benefits. Find out whether joining a co-working community offers you anything more than just a space to work in and basic services.

In addition to all services and benefits described above, The Coalface also offers you the opportunity to take advantage of exclusive “Coalfacer” discounts, deals and diverse free products selected specifically for you.


  1. Check for Future Growth Capacity. Having to repeatedly move office because your business is growing is inconvenient (not just for you but also for your clients), expensive and generally troublesome. Making sure your co-working space caters for such growth is therefore imperative.

Offering co-working spaces suitable for teams of varying (and growing) numbers, The Coalface Business Centre is a modern, purpose built complex designed to cater for your business’ potential for growth.


  1. Check Prices. Starting your own business invariably involves a certain amount of investment, so you will want to keep your running expenses as low as possible. Prevent your monthly rental or membership fee becoming an unsustainable financial burden by making sure to compare membership/rental price.

Combining quality with flexibility, The Coalface offer:

  • Diverse all-inclusive, competitively priced membership packages (starting at just £225/month) designed to provide affordable solutions for businesses of all sizes.
  • Flexible Private Office Rentals with rental periods commencing at one month and prices starting at just £267/month.


  1. Take a Tour. Finally, seeing is believing, so do try to get a tour of your prospective new office before making a commitment.

You can take a virtual tour of The Coalface’s premises right now or get in touch to book a tour in person.

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