5 benefits of a creative office space

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5 benefits of a creative office space

The business community is warming to the idea of creative office spaces. As the economy changes, the real value of workers is not to perform the same rote tasks day after day as in the past, but instead to generate new ideas that benefit the company. Both education and personal flair of employees are essential, but creative offices can play a role too.

Here is where The Coalface comes in. Unlike traditional offices, it offers a colourful, eclectic environment designed to improve employee wellbeing. As you’ll read in the following post, the evidence is mounting that creative spaces provide a host of benefits that drab, clinical, and dull “process-driven” offices do not.

1. Enhances imagination

Open, uncluttered spaces are one of the hallmarks of creative office spaces. As soon as you walk into a facility like The Coalface, you get a sense of airiness and freedom that you don’t often see in standard offices.

But it’s not just about the feel-good factor: research suggests that environments like these profoundly benefit imagination and creativity too. Less clutter in the environment translates into fewer distractions for the unconscious mind, putting workers into the highly sought-after “flow” state, improving their output.

Creative office spaces, like The Coalface, also include plenty of comfortable furniture. The idea here is that physical comfort will translate into satisfaction with the environment, creating positive associations in the worker about their role. Evidence also points to the notion that greater comfort leads to more “right-brain thinking” – the more creative and innovative hemisphere – and heightened senses.

Finally, the decor in creative offices can enhance imagination. The more colourful the artwork on the walls or the furniture, the more ideas people seem to have. Reds and greens appear to be the best at putting workers in a creative mood.

The Coalface building

2. Increases productivity

Creative workspaces enhance productivity through several channels. The first is through motivation. Instead of putting workers in separate offices and pods, creative offices attempt to bring everyone together so that they work in a shared space. The idea here is to make it easy for colleagues to approach each other and work on problems together. Teams working on projects can often complete tasks much more rapidly than individuals working separately.

Motivational artwork is the second channel by which creative offices may lead to higher overall productivity. Beautiful designs on the wall may unconsciously encourage employees to work harder and get stuff done faster. For creatives, it may also foster greater motivation and inspiration.

3. Reflects the work ethic

Creative workspaces like The Coalface do more than just create the conditions for higher productivity; they’re also a tool that you can use to market your work ethic to impress clients. Creative offices, by their nature, reflect your company’s values. The very fact that you have such a workspace in the first place is a testament to your willingness to experiment. With further modifications, you can tell people who visit your premises a story about your value and priorities. Some businesses, for example, want to evoke a sense of intensity and passion, while others are all about combining fun with professionalism.

The open spaces typical of most creative offices also bring fresh air and perspective. With more freedom and room to breathe, employees don’t feel like serfs under a feudal master, but autonomous agents doing what’s best for the company.

4. Increases well-being in the workplace

In the modern labour market, traditional employers can sometimes struggle to retain talented workers. The problem is sometimes pay, but more commonly it’s the working environment. Sitting in a grey office all day in front of a computer with no colour or greenery in sight can adversely affect mental health. Many workers leave companies to look for greener pastures elsewhere – literally.

Creative work environments may, therefore, offer workers both physical and mental health benefits that traditional workspaces do not. The addition of colour, artwork and airy spaces often combine to produce feelings of wellbeing that encourage worker loyalty.

Remember, environment affects mood. If you want your workers to be productive it pays to choose a creative space that makes them happy. The more content they are in their work, the more likely they are to stay with you, cutting your recruitment costs and improving your brand reputation.

The Coalface offers a creative office that comes with a variety of amenities designed to increase wellbeing in the workplace. These include barista coffee and herbal tea, spacious meeting rooms, bike storage, shower rooms, regular on-site cleaning, and even accommodation for pets. It also employs interior decor designed to promote imagination, creativity and wellbeing. The more positive your employees’ attitudes towards the working environment, the more likely they are to stay.

Coworking space at The Coalface

5. Keeps things exciting for employees

Your workers use the same office space every day. If your current accommodation is dull and lifeless, then it can soon begin to grate. Most workers want a bit of visual excitement in the workplace: they don’t want to have to stare at the same grey wall, forty hours per week.

Creative office spaces keep things exciting for workers, adding new, fresh elements regularly. The Coalface, for instance, periodically updates plants, artwork and even the snacks that it offers. It also emphasises comfortable areas: places where workers can go to relax and unwind after long stints at the computer.

If you’re looking for a creative office space for your workers but don’t want to go to the hassle of building it yourself, then The Coalface can help. We have developed all-inclusive, full-service creative office spaces with all of the facilities that your workers need in one neat package. With us, you get all the hallmarks of a creative workspace, including open working areas, comfortable meeting rooms, large and airy spaces, plenty of colour, artwork and greenery.

The Coalface, therefore, is an ideal location for creative companies looking to get the best out of their teams. The entire environment is geared towards encouraging right-brain thinking, helping your business expand its horizons.

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