A Workspace in North London: What are the Benefits?

The Coalface Finsbury Park

A Workspace in North London: What are the Benefits?

London is a thriving urban area with a dynamic economy. The demand for new office space in the north of the city, especially in the Finsbury Park, Islington and Haringey areas, is enormous. Companies in emerging sectors are desperate for floor space to meet their needs.

Workspaces in North London, such as The Coalface, offer a variety of benefits that are hard to find anywhere else. Many firms are now relocating to the area because of its unique advantages. We detail some of them below:

Diversity of Businesses

London is a hub for a diverse range of businesses. North London, where you’ll find The Coalface, is no exception. While Britain’s capital is famous for its financial sector, the city is also home to businesses of practically every type. Areas around Finsbury Park and Islington are teeming with businesses that not only serve customers but also each other.

It makes a lot of sense for companies to operate here. Being near other businesses gives them access to the services that they need to the conduct their regular operations.

Networking Opportunities

Workspaces, like The Coalface, provide unique networking opportunities. In fact, The Coalface organises networking events regularly, giving occupants a chance to meet each other and people with whom they can do business.

Networking puts both companies and individuals at an advantage. Businesses can mobilise the expertise of those around them to deliver higher productivity and lower costs. Individuals in those businesses also get to enhance their network, increasing the likelihood of retention. Overall, it leads to thriving enterprises that can get access to new knowledge and markets.

Located Close to Major Public Transport Links

London was the first city in the world to experiment with subterranean transport. Today, the London Underground is a vast network of tunnels that ferry millions of people across the city.

For businesses, this is important. Having access to the tube network means that they can quickly meet clients, travel to customers, and reduce commute time for workers. The Coalface is located just outside Finsbury Park tube, providing businesses who use it with a rapid form of transportation that eliminate their need to rely on overland bus services. From Finsbury Park Underground station, it is just a matter of minutes before you are in Central London.

The Coalface offices

Fully Furnished Offices

The Coalface is an office and co-working space in the heart of North London. It offers numerous facilities including meeting rooms, daily on-site cleaning, mail services, and phone call forwarding.

What’s more, firms can take advantage of modern workspace environments. There are quiet working areas, chill-out spaces, and places for colleagues to get together to discuss projects and share ideas.

The environment is specially designed to enhance productivity and improve the competitiveness of your firm. Everything from the lighting to the decor has been considered.

The Coalface also offers a host of additional benefits. When you run a business, you never know when you need to be in the office. The Coalface provides 24-hour access, allowing companies to access it any time of the day or night. This feature of the service is ideal for firms that need to deliver projects by tight deadlines or any company that operates outside of regular hours. The Coalface is also open 365 days per year. With daily opening, occupants can use the workspace at weekends and on holidays which is especially useful if these are your peak times.

Having a place where you can welcome guests is vital for any business, but especially those in the professional services industry. The Coalface provides a reception area where companies can meet their clients without having to bring them up to their main offices.

Access a Vast Pool of Talent

Talented professionals love North London. It provides them with everything that they need, from tube access to their places of work to thriving local communities.

For this reason, businesses that locate in North London can get access to a vast pool of potential employees. Many of the most innovative and ambitious people in the UK choose to live in the area in and around The Coalface. This provides you with access to the people your organisation needs to thrive.

From a higher education perspective, London also excels. The city is home to four of the world’s top fifty universities, including UCL and Imperial. It also offers professional training opportunities, making it a great place to acquire recent graduates and those with business qualifications. The Coalface is right in the heart of the action, located close to where many of these talented people live.

Growing Investment in Business and Infrastructure

Despite the uncertainty around Brexit, businesses continue to invest heavily in office space in North London. Buildings are rising all the way from Seven Sisters to Camden Town and beyond, cementing the continued economic rejuvenation of the area.

North London continues to receive public investment too. HS2 will introduce six new high-speed rail platforms from the area. There are also plans for an interchange between Cross Rail and HS2 at Euston station, easily accessible from Finsbury Park tube.

The Night Tube

The Coalface opens 24 hours per day, seven days per week, allowing your people to work whenever they choose. This flexibility, however, has been enhanced in recent years by the introduction of the Night Tube, a special service on the London underground connecting select stations all hours of the day, including Finsbury Park. Since August 2016, workers have been able to travel to The Coalface via tube at any time of the day or night.

The Night Tube is especially helpful for international businesses. Employees can go to The Coalface at any time of the day or night via the underground for teleconferencing and communicate with people overseas in a different time zone.


In summary, North London is an ideal place to locate your company. London offices to rent such as The Coalface, provide fully furnished offices in a prime location, providing access to talented workers, investment, and local business services. It is also close to the underground, helping commuters and providing rapid access to the City.

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