All Inclusive offices at The Coalface

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All Inclusive offices at The Coalface

Businesses need spaces that are conducive to work – that’s obvious. What isn’t so self-evident, however, is the type of space that they should choose.

The office rental market is diverse. Some offices provide a bare-bones service. You get a roof over your head, but that’s about it. You have to take care of everything else, from the desks to the coffee machine. Others come with a few more services. So, for instance, an office facilities provider might administer your electricity and water bills for you, but other than that, you’re on your own.

Then there are the top-of-the-line “all-inclusive” services, such as The Coalface, designed to provide you with practically all of the services that you need. But what are they, exactly?

What is a fully serviced office?

Businesses need convenience. Company managers don’t want to have to spend their time worrying about who is going to deliver the sandwiches in the morning and how they will pay for their internet services. It’s all a distraction from their primary focus: their customers and their colleagues.

An all-inclusive office is a type of office setup that seeks to make sure that businesses can focus exclusively on their primary function — not having to worry about whether they have paid all their service providers.

All-inclusive offices, therefore, provide firms with everything that they could reasonably need to carry out their operations.

Note, this doesn’t just mean providing all of the internal furnishings, like lighting, flooring, wall sockets, phone connections, and decor. It also means all of those niggling auxiliary services on which businesses rely, but that are time-consuming to set up. (Such as the people who restock the coffee machine)

What is included in all-inclusive offices?

Here’s a quickfire list of what an all-inclusive office provides:

● Bills. A fully-serviced office takes care of all of the bills associated with running a workspace for your colleagues. These include things like electricity, water, internet and invoices from third-party on-site services, like cleaning.
● Rent. When you use an all-inclusive office, you don’t have to pay separately for rent. Instead, it is included in the price that you pay. Thus, all-inclusive office providers, like The Coalface, deal with any rental payments and then makes it easy for you to meet these costs in a single, easy-to-understand fee.
● Rates. Just like rents, The Coalface also includes rates in its monthly fee. You don’t have to pay ground use taxes separately to the local authority.
● Internet. The Coalface offers resilient super-fast internet services to maximise your productivity.
● 24-hour access. Quality all-inclusive office providers should provide you with the means to access your offices 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. You never know when you might need to use your offices, especially if you run a business that must work to tight deadlines. Not every all-inclusive office provider allows occupants to access their office facilities all hours of the day, but The Coalface does. With a special access code, occupants can use their offices whenever they like, including on weekends and public holidays. There are no restrictions whatsoever. Remember, always-open offices are great for firms who offer their employees flexible working arrangements.
● Guest reception. Having a place where you can meet guests separate from your primary place of work is essential. With a guest reception, you can welcome clients and new colleagues before taking them off to a meeting room. It is a small professional touch that is guaranteed to make a big impression.
● Meeting rooms. Meeting rooms are special, private spaces that you can use to keep conversations between your colleagues away from your primary working spaces. They help make your office more productive and a better place to work.
● Tea and coffee. Workspaces like The Coalface in North London provide complimentary barista-style coffee and herbal tea as a matter of course. Thus, you do not have to go to the trouble of administering your own third-party arrangements.
● Shower rooms. When workers arrive at the office, many want to freshen up, especially if they will be meeting with clients during the day. Shower rooms are a welcome addition for many colleagues, especially those who cycle to work.
● Daily cleaning. Arranging cleaning services for your office is always a challenge and an administrative burden. As part of its services, The Coalface, however, includes daily cleaning as standard. Occupants, therefore, do not need to go to the trouble of arranging cleaning independently.
● Bike storage. Workers want secure places to lock their bicycles during the day. Thus if a workplace doesn’t have bicycle storage, it can deter some workers from staying long term. The Coalface provides bike storage on-site, negating the need for individual companies to invest in facilities themselves.

All-inclusive offices provide a range of additional services, such as mail services, call forwarding and pet-friendly environments.

How to choose a serviced office?

Choosing a serviced office in London can be a challenge. There are many factors to consider.

The best way to go about choosing any particular service is to think carefully about the needs of your organisation. Do you really want to invest time and energy administering to all of the ancillary services that you need to run an office? Or would you prefer a managed office provider, like The Coalface, to do it all for you?

The best-serviced offices are those that provide all of the services that you need to conduct your day-to-day operations, while also offering network benefits.

The Coalface, for instance, not only offers all of the benefits of an all-inclusive office discussed in the previous section but also provides networking opportunities too. Companies like yours need to operate in dynamic and diverse environments, sharing ideas and services with complementary companies, and building effective relationships. That’s what you get when you choose our services.

The Coalface is also ideal for another reason: it’s proximity to transport links. Not only is it just a few minutes by tube from Central London, but it also means that your colleagues have a better commute.

Thus, when choosing an all-inclusive office service, be holistic. Consider both the facilities on offer, the networking opportunities and the location.

To find out more information about our serviced offices and the facilities at The Coalface, or to book a tour please contact us today.