Benefits of a serviced office

Private offices at The Coalface

Benefits of a serviced office

It’s now no secret that getting an office space right is vital for every aspect of success. Even in an age where businesses operate primarily online, real-world presence still matters. If nothing else, employee happiness rests on the office environment. Many clients, too, will still consider a company’s physical space before doing business with them.

As such, companies are spending great deals of money perfecting in-office designs and securing top trading positions. In fact, many companies find a large part of their profits go towards this cause.

But, that needn’t be the case anymore. Instead, serviced offices are coming to the fore in a major way, and the top-quality options offered by The Coalface stand to change the face of your business for good. Keep reading to find out why.

What is a serviced office?

As you’ll see for yourself when you arrange a tour with The Coalface, our serviced offices are fully maintained spaces that stand to make your business life easier in every single way. Also referred to as managed and flexible offices, our services are available to businesses on a membership or rental basis, and consist of both private and co-working options. As well as our offices themselves, we provide a serviced guest reception to improve your standing with arriving clients. Our meeting rooms are also fully serviced to impress, and we’ll even offer catering if that’s what you want!

Thanks to our prime London location, opting for one of our offices will also put you right at the heart of the current business capital of the world. That, too, could boost operations, and open a whole world of opportunity for your enterprise.

Our offices are especially useful for companies embracing at least some form of remote working, and are available on a rental basis to suit your needs. This ensures you can achieve a balance between flexible and fixed working capabilities without spending over the odds for either.

The benefits of serviced offices

As you can probably gather, our offices stand to bring a fair few business benefits to your door. Even if you assume a serviced office setup wouldn’t fit your current working model, the chances are that we could offer a solution to suit. For proof, consider the following benefits that The Coalface customers enjoy daily.


Affordability matters for business spaces, especially as companies focus their budgets online. Spending over the odds on an office certainly doesn’t hold the same power as it used to.

That’s why our serviced offices provide affordable options for operations that pay for themselves. In fact, given that you only pay for what you use, you can be 100% sure that you’ll see a return on this investment. That’s a peace of mind you simply won’t get from any other office space right now, and it’s vital in the modern work environment.

It’s essential, too, to remember that an independent office requires more than just a one-off payment from you. Instead, managers embarking on this outdated working model will have to consider everything from their initial investment, to on-going electricity, water, and even cleaning bills. These, paired with an increase in flexible working leaving the space empty, simply aren’t cost-efficient anymore. By comparison, our offices include all these benefits at one fixed, affordable cost that you can tailor to your unique working requirements every time.

Facilities at the ready

The readily available facilities on offer within all The Coalface offices are especially beneficial for businesses aiming to relocate without the usual hassle. Rather than having to consider gaps due to downtime or the expensive relocation of bulky furniture and computer systems, managers moving into our offices have it all at the ready from day one. As soon as you sign up for a membership with us, you can expect fully equipped offices and meeting rooms as standard. And, of course, all our serviced offices come complete with a high-speed WiFi connection to finally make relocation downtime a thing of your past.

As if that’s not enough, The Coalface serviced offices also offer additions like employee lockers, on-site hot drink facilities, bike storage, shower rooms, and more. All for that one fixed rate you pay at the start of your membership! Finally, you’ll have all the facilities at hand to perfect employee wellbeing, impress clients, and generally take your productivity and reputation to the next level.

An easy way to impress clients

Speaking of impressing your clients, our offices also offer an incredibly easy way to achieve that goal. All our spaces are dressed to impress, with a postcode at the heart of the country’s most prestigious city. Let’s face it; affording an office in London is out of reach for all but top business names. Unless, of course, you consider London-based offices from The Coalface that can bring even this goal within your reach!

As if a lucrative postcode weren’t enough to seal business deals, the guest receptions and furnished meetings rooms are sure to do that for you. You’ll even have access to all the latest tech to take every single presentation to the next level!

Networking opportunities

Setting up in a The Coalface office can also open you to all manner of networking opportunities. We focus on community within our facility, and we encourage this benefit through both community events and co-working opportunities. By making strong connections with every company who also uses our space, you’ll have access to brand new networking opportunities and clients as a result.

To make sure of this, we offer a wide range of networking opportunities in the form of our community events. From office-wide parties to community breakfasts, we actively encourage our companies to speak among themselves. This can lead to a widespread sharing of ideas, as well as networking that could take your company further.

A final word

The Coalface serviced offices offer a wide variety of business benefits that many companies now enjoy from start-ups to established businesses in a range of sectors. Become one of them by booking a tour of our offices today.