Checklist for moving office

Employees moving office

Checklist for moving office

Moving office is always frightening. Relocation can cost in downtime, custom, and even smooth operations if you aren’t careful. For these reasons and more, many businesses remain in inappropriate offices despite expansion, changing requirements, and a need to move where their audience is.

Luckily, relocating needn’t be as risky as you believe, especially when you’re considering serviced offices like those offered by The Coalface. Serviced options are uniquely tailored so that you can manage this entire process without downtime, lost customers, or even much work on your part.

As well as choosing an office that makes relocation easier, getting moving right is about breaking the task into manageable steps. That should help you see that moving isn’t the mammoth task you expect. The question is, what exactly should you include on your moving checklist when the time comes?

How do I plan an office relocation?

Planning should come first on any business checklist, and office relocation is no exception to that rule. A decent plan is largely what will allow you to avoid downtime, last-minute rushes, and even lost custom. With a plan in place, you can get to work setting everything in motion, and let your old customers know where to find you ahead of time.

If you’re unsure what such a plan should consist of, approach it as you would any other project by considering basic pointers including –

● Your end goal
● Your project manager
● Your budget
● Your timeline
● Your project to-do list

Luckily, The Coalface serviced offices and meeting spaces allow you to reduce your budget and timeline a great deal compared with a traditional office move. This can simplify your planning process drastically, and is a solid bet for getting things right.

Note that it’s vital you take these steps in advance so that you can make sure to give yourself and your team adequate time to learn precisely what your new office has to offer. This will also provide you with plenty of time to alert your existing customer base and build their loyalty to make sure that they move along with you.

How do I move office?

If you take care of planning ahead of time, then the actual process of moving itself shouldn’t be all that complex, especially with help from The Coalface. On moving day, you’ll simply need to make sure that everything runs smoothly and according to the plans you already have in place.

Note that you will need to focus on how you’ll get your systems all set up and running at least a little in advance to ensure a smooth move. Luckily, your serviced space means that you can connect to an existing wi-fi network the moment you arrive. There are even ready-to-go meeting spaces so that you can start hosting the day of your move! These pretty much reduce any real risk of downtime, and mean that your business never needs to take the relocation hit it would otherwise.

Even where serviced offices are concerned, though, it is important to plan a slight crossover period. By leaving a day or two between gaining access to your serviced space and handing in your old keys, you can buy yourself time to move everything you need and make yourself fully operational. You could even keep an operative team in your former office space while your moving squad set up in your The Coalface space.

Serviced offices can also go a long way towards saving you from worrying about the removal process itself. With fully furnished offices and meetings rooms, you should find that you need to move minimal furniture on the day. While you may want to check out exactly what’s on-hand before parting with existing equipment, the chances are that you won’t need to worry at all about backbreaking work with a corporate removals company. In fact, this stands to be the easiest office move you’ve ever made!

What do I need in my new office?

While we’re on the subject of what you’ll be taking with you, it’s also worth asking what you’ll need in your new office. Making sure that you have everything necessary to operate from day one is the most vital aspect of getting this right. In fact, this is largely what every other stage of this checklist has been targeted towards.

Primarily, a fully furnished office should be your key priority. You’ll also want to consider break facilities, employee lockers, and even parking for vehicles and bikes to keep employees happy. And, of course, a working internet connection is an absolute business must in the modern age.

Again, these all come as standard with serviced offices from The Coalface, and can speed the entire relocation process no end. Even better, you’ll be able to get stuck straight into the heart of the London business world this way. What could be better for growing your company without once needing to stress over those usual relocation worries?

If that sounds like an office move you can imagine yourself enjoying, then don’t hesitate to book a tour of our London offices online today. We forever work to make your business easier to manage, and ensuring your office move runs like clockwork is a massive part of that service. Whether you call us or book online, we can bet that you’ll like what you see when you stop by.

The checklist

To wrap up, moving office is about finding a space that makes the process as easy as it can be, and it’s difficult to imagine a better service for that than The Coalface. Moving into one of our offices ensures you’re able to maintain business operations without once stretching yourself or your team. And, all you need to make it happen is a simple checklist with points like –

● Choose a serviced office for ease
● Understand the facilities
● Have a moving day plan
● Visit your serviced office ahead of time
● Reduce downtime on the day
● Get back to work!

To book a tour of The Coalface please contact us today.