Co-Working in North London: How to Choose the Best Office Space

Coworking space at The Coalface

Co-Working in North London: How to Choose the Best Office Space

While everyone looking for office space in North London has their own, specific requirements and ideas of what constitutes the “ideal office”, there are some basic considerations everybody should bear in mind – so here are some tips on how to choose the best North London office space…

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Private Office in North London

When selecting an office, the main factors you should consider are:

  • Location & Ease of Commuting
  • Facilities & Services
  • Capacity for Growth
  • Community & Community Events
  • Budget

Let’s look at each of these factors in a little more detail…

Location & Ease of Commuting

The first, and perhaps most important, aspects to look at when choosing an office are location and ease of commuting. The questions you should ask yourself in this respect are:

  • Do I need a quiet space to work on my own or do I require a co-working office suitable for multiple team members?
  • Is the location of a prospective office convenient and easily accessible not only for myself but also for clients and co-workers?
  • Is the office located close to transport links enabling ease of commuting for all concerned?
  • Are there any facilities (i.e. shopping, dining and/or sports facilities; nightlife, entertainment, etc.) nearby? While this may not strike you as important, it is well worth knowing what facilities are available if, for instance, you want to take a client out for a “plush” dinner or treat your co-workers to a night out or a “team building” activity day.

You should also consider whether an office will leave prospective clients meeting you for the first time with a good impression. A bright, well equipped office in an “up-and-coming” neighbourhood would, for instance, be far more impressive than a poorly equipped, “dark and dingy” office in one of the city’s most run-down areas.

Located in the vibrant cosmopolitan neighbourhood of Finsbury Park on Central London’s northern edge, The Coalface Business Centre is close to excellent transport links and outstanding local shopping, dining, entertainment and sports facilities.

Facilities & Services

Then, of course, there is the question whether the office is fully equipped and serviced.

If you are just starting a business or are a freelancer looking for a place to work from, the last thing you need is having to worry about buying equipment/furniture and all the work and expense of running your own office.

A serviced, fully equipped and furnished office offering reliable Internet access and daily cleaning would therefore be your best option. It should be noted here that some co-working spaces will promise you the moon in terms of services but are not quite so good at delivering on their promises. Shopping around a little and, if possible, speaking to existing clients before making a commitment is therefore highly recommended.

Some offices are also subject to “working hours” (i.e. 9 to 5 and/or on weekdays only), so you should also make sure to ask whether your potential new office will be accessible to you as and when you need it (i.e. around the clock, any day of the week).

The Coalface Business Centre is a purpose-built, modern complex offering well-equipped, fully serviced & furnished private and co-working offices with a super-fast, fully resilient managed internet service; multiple meeting rooms, a stylish guest reception and well-designed “break out” spaces, as well as an invariably fully stocked kitchen, phone booths and lockers; shower rooms and bike storage facilities.

Take a virtual office tour or get in touch with us to book a “live” tour of our premises – which are both accessible to members 24 hours/day, 365 days/year and pet friendly.

In addition to taking care of everything involved in keeping an office up-and-running (including daily cleaning), our services also include mail services, call/mail forwarding and a dedicated on-site team to meet & greet your guests and assist you in any way necessary; complementary business breakfasts/lunches and more.

Capacity for Growth

Another factor to consider is the potential of future growth. Will an office you are looking at cater for such growth (i.e. additional staff) or would you have to move somewhere else? Having a space that will comfortably accommodate your growth would certainly be better than having to shift your office repeatedly as your business grows – which can be troublesome and incredibly inconvenient not only for yourself, but also for your clients.

The offices and co-working spaces at The Coalface Business Centre are designed to cater for the potential growth of our members’ businesses.

Community & Community Events

You should also check out existing clients and the kind of community they form. If, for example, you are a freelancer seeking networking opportunities, selecting an office with professionals from diverse working domains could be a fantastic way to meet like-minded individuals.

There is nothing quite like working in a community-minded, jovial environment with people as passionate about their work as you are, so do:

  • Try to meet members to see whether you will be able to form a connection with them.
  • Ask whether the community engages in joint business and/or social events, which can offer excellent networking opportunities with potentially highly influential individuals/investors and increase your business’ exposure, as well as encouraging mutual understanding and cooperation within the community.

Comprising of a diversity of media, tech and creative freelancers, start-ups, businesses and entrepreneurs, The Coalface community regularly enjoys a diversity of both business and social events (learn more), as well as being given the opportunity to receive:

  • One-to-one advice provided by passionate, experienced industry experts
  • Free products arranged specifically for them
  • Exclusive national & local discounts & deals



Finally, starting a new business invariably involves a great deal of investment and you certainly want to keep your expenses as low as possible, so make sure your chosen co-working space’s monthly rent or membership fee suits your budget and does not become an insurmountable financial burden.

The Coalface Centre’s competitively priced, all-inclusive membership packages offer affordable solutions for everyone and private office space is available from just £267/month (min. rental period 1 month) – allowing prospective “Coalfacers” to take advantage of everything we have to offer without placing excessive strain onto their budget.

Co-Working in North London: The Coalface Business Centre

Contact us now to learn more, book an office tour and join our thriving community of passionate like-minded professionals.