Coronavirus: Question and Answer

Coronavirus The Coalface

Coronavirus: Question and Answer


Dear Members and Friends, here are answers to some of your most common questions regarding the Covid-19 situation. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions or concerns. (Last updated 20/03/2020)


Will The Coalface close?


Currently we remain open following the government instructions. We are here for our members whether they wish to visit physically or keep things digital for now.

What does The Coalface do to reduce the spread of infection?


We urge members visiting us to keep on top of social distancing in the coworking areas and private offices plus keeping up with hygiene practices.

How is The Coalface maintaining hygiene?


We are cleaning door handles and surfaces very carefully, several times a day plus any other surfaces that are constantly touched. As a team, we are washing our hands according to guidelines and use hand sanitiser.

Who is allowed to use The Coalface?


We as the staff are only at The Coalface if we are healthy, can avoid busy public transport and are feeling no symptoms, all members who are the same are also welcome. We’re reducing our office management hours from 10 – 4 to avoid rush hour contact and alternating staff days so we can work from home wherever possible.

Where can I find more information about Covid-19 / Corona?


We understand the health issues surrounding the coronavirus and we take this very seriously. Since we are not experts in this area, we follow and act on the basis of official sources. The official information can be found at and


In the meantime, we wish yourself, family and friends good health.

The Coalface Team.