Meeting Rooms in London: The Advantages

The Coalface meeting room

Meeting Rooms in London: The Advantages


Looking for a spacious and well facilitated meeting room in the heart of London? We have you covered. The Coalface provides meeting rooms and office space which possess a quantity of features to make the experience a positive one! The importance of a productive meeting space is so important in the ever growing business scene!

The Coalface team are dedicated to ensuring that your business needs, from the inception, to the completion of the meeting with your team is taken care of. This includes access to a multitude of facilities, proven to save you time and effort. Our modern meeting rooms are an oasis of calm in the big busy city, encouraging a positive and successful meeting without the stress of setting up and tidying away. You can slip in and out at your own convenience.


In the heart of London

London is the hub for worldwide businesses and there is an ever-growing need to ensure a stable and secure setting that is both central for travel and provides a good co-working space. Meeting rooms are a hassle-free, professional business solution that can make life easier for all, which creates a space to cater for all needs. It is location friendly; London is exceptionally well connected within four airports in the Greater London area and multiple train/coach stations that make connecting to the city very easy. The Coalface is situated opposite Finsbury Park. Its accessibility is not the only benefit, London boasts a plethora of trendy restaurants and bars, which make the city an exciting place to be. Having your business meetings outside of your usual location can come with some vital benefits, and a new atmosphere can be refreshing for everyone.

The need for planning ahead

Anybody who works within a fast paced business environment, can understand the rudiments of office life and the necessity to use time wisely. The importance of maintaining efficient work whilst sticking to rigid schedules and tight deadlines can affect the planning of meetings and conferences. What we offer is beneficial services that will give you back that quality time you need during your working day. Whatever your meeting needs are, your requirements will be met in a bright, spacious and creative office space which allows you to use facilities that you may not have access to or space for in your own office. These may include any of the following:

  • Equipment needed – we appreciate that some meetings may require certain equipment such as projectors or screens that can display any content you bring to the meeting.
  • Fast internet service – our super-fast internet allows you to connect to the web with no hindrance.
  • Mail services – we proudly offer our own mail service which can allow you to send out mail after your meeting to any of your clients.
  • We’re available 24/7 – if time is an issue, we will be happy to accommodate you after working hours, to suit your needs.
  • Phone booths – we can provide you with outside connection with availability of phones.
  • AV equipment Flipcharts and notebooks

The Coalface meeting room


And that is only the beginning! We appreciate that the little extras really matter. Meetings can often be long and tiresome and we want to take away the hassle and obstacles that may arise from this. Our office space will be able to accommodate you with some fun features such as:

  • Meet and greet – our friendly team will greet you upon arrival, because a warm welcome is always a benefit.
  • Complementary barista tea and coffee (or flavoured water if you prefer) – access to caffeine is a must, after all.
  • Catering options – should you need food for your meeting, we can happily facilitate this. We offer full catering breakfast and lunch options.
  • Shower rooms – if you are heading on a long journey after your work day, you will be able to freshen up before your travel home.
  • Lockers – we can house any extras you bring with you to our offices, with secure lockers.
  • Bike storage – we love promoting a healthy lifestyle, and offer bike storage to anyone who is brave enough to navigate London on bike!

Meeting rooms at The Coalface

Pricing is offered on hourly or daily rates, dependent upon the type of meeting and the number of people, but our three meeting rooms cater to all needs, with bright inspiring aesthetics.

Meeting Room One – £35 per hour which caters for up to 6 people.

Meeting Room Two – £30 per hour which caters for up to 4 people.

Meeting Room Three – £35 per hour which caters for up to 14 people.

Each meeting room is slightly different in size and style but we will gladly advise you on which is the best space for you and your team. Often business professionals have a clear vision of what is needed and what will be covered during staff meetings, so once you have a general overview of how you’d like to spend your time with us, you can leave the hard graft up to us. Our friendly team will happily discuss your vision for your meeting and we will prepare everything for you from start to finish; to give you time to focus on the things that really matter. Creative juices can flow much easier away from your usual office space and can provide a new setting that will inspire and promote better concentration.

Can Any Business Professional Use The Coalface Facilities?

The Coalface also offers office rentals; if you rent with us, then meeting rooms are easily accessible but they are also accessible to people who work outside of The Coalface. If your office venue is based in another area of the city or country, we will still be happy to accommodate you. We aim to facilitate all needs to business professionals, and offer a range of different sized meeting rooms; ranging from intimate spaces for smaller business needs as well as large airy rooms for a bigger quantity of employees and individuals.

We love encouraging business accomplishment, and the importance of a quiet, efficient meeting/working space is vital in the quest to find success. Contact us if you require more information on how to book your meeting room or book a tour today to look at our facilities.