Are You Looking for a Serviced Office in North London?

Offices at The Coalface

Are You Looking for a Serviced Office in North London?

Serviced Offices North London: Are you looking for a serviced office to rent in North London? The best place to find a serviced office to rent in North London is The Coalface Business Centre. Here is why…

The Coalface Serviced Offices in North London

So, what makes The Coalface the best place to find a serviced office? The answer lies in the fact that what we offer is not just ‘office space’ but a thriving community of creative, media and tech sector entrepreneurs, freelancers, start-ups and businesses within a serviced working environment where:

  • Quality is at the heart of everything we do, from the work & meeting spaces and facilities provided to the services we offer as “part of the package”.
  • Mutual understanding, cooperation, networking and growth are considered of critical importance and consequently actively encouraged through regular business & social events including, among others:
  • Free business breakfasts/lunches to give our members’ clients the opportunity to learn more about them and their businesses.
  • Networking events, massage days, community parties and much, much more.
  • Members can look forward to receiving:
  • One-to-one advice from experienced industry experts
  • A diversity of attractive discounts & deals offered (by both local & national companies) exclusively to “Coalfacers”
  • Free products selected specifically to meet their individual business interests

The Coalface Facilities & Services

In terms of facilities and services, we offer:

  • A selection of fully furnished, modern coworking and private offices complete with a super-fast, fully resilient managed internet service and both mail and call forwarding. To ensure members can concentrate on their work in privacy, peace & quiet without feeling isolated, these offices are surrounded by glass walls.
  • Multiple meeting rooms that all feature different designs to provide suitable environments for different types of meetings (i.e. management meetings, presentations, interviews, etc.) We also offer varying catering options to ensure your meetings are everything they can be.
  • A reception area where a dedicated team is not only at hand to meet & greet our members’ guests but is also happy to answer any question members may have.
  • A fully stocked kitchen where members can always find a selection of flavoured waters, North London’s finest Barista coffee and diverse herbal teas.
  • Specially designed “break out” spaces (both indoor and outdoor) where members can “recharge their batteries” to ensure they remain fresh and motivated.
  • Phone booths
  • Shower rooms & lockers
  • Bike storage facilities

We offer 24 hour access, our spaces are cleaned daily, our prices are all-inclusive (all above facilities, services & business rates) and, perhaps more importantly if you have a furry friend you don’t like to leave “home alone”, pet friendly.

Offering a great deal of flexibility (you can rent space for periods starting from one month+), we provide all this and more at prices starting from:

  • £200/month for memberships
  • £267/month for private offices

We are also conveniently located next to a tube station and less than 10 minutes away from the city & the West End. This, of course, allows you to take advantage of everything these areas have to offer at a fraction of the price working there would cost you.

If all this sounds too good to be true, you don’t have to take our word for it – take a virtual look around here or get in touch with our helpful team to book a “live” tour of our facilities.

Are You Looking for a Serviced Office in North London?

Do you need a private office where you can focus on your work among like-minded people or want a space where you and dozens of team members can work together? The Coalface Business Centre offers the perfect solution to meet your requirements. Why not book a tour right now?