The Coalface Business Centre: 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Co-working in London

Workers in coworking spaces at The Coalface

The Coalface Business Centre: 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Co-working in London

If you are in the process of starting a media, tech or creative business or a freelancer looking for an office to rent in North London, there are many good reasons why you should consider co-working in London. Here are some of these reasons.

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Co-working in London


1.     Finding an Office to Rent in North London


While finding “your own” office to rent is, of course, an option, it does leave you with the expense and potential problems of furnishing, equipping and running that office. When you first start a business or are a freelancer simply looking for a business address or somewhere quiet to work from, this can be a substantial burden both in terms of cost and time.

Co-working in London, on the other hand, provides you with a fully furnished, serviced space that gets you “out of the house” and away from having to spend a fortune (and potentially damaging your digestive system) buying endless cups of coffee out of guilt over using your local café’s free Wi-Fi at a fraction of that cost and without having to worry about running your office.


2.     Co-Working Facilities


Let’s face it, working from a café can be a real bind in terms of facilities. Wi-Fi, for instance, can be extremely tricky and what would happen if you wanted to print something? Does your café even have a printer and, if so, would they offer you paper if you forgot yours or ran out? What if your laptop or mobile ran out of charge and you forgot your charger?

Co-working venues like the Coalface Business Centre offer all the facilities and equipment you need and more. Our team can help you with printers, our fully resilient managed internet service is both super-fast and reliable and there is usually a co-worker about who has a suitable plug or charger you can use.


3.     Business Events, Seminars & More


Running your own business can be tough and there is no better way to get to know the tricks of your trade than by working with and learning from experienced professionals who “have been there done that”.

The Coalface Business Centre not only offers its members one-to-one advice and guidance from industry experts but also regularly hosts business and networking events that will allow you to learn not only from co-workers but from experienced, renowned guest speakers.


4.     Meeting New and Existing Clients


Meeting contacts, existing or prospective new clients in restaurants and cafes is often not only difficult to arrange but also “expensive fun” – not to mention the fact that the lack of a “proper” business address could also be off-putting for prospective clients.

Operating from a co-working venue like The Coalface premises, on the other hand, will allow you to meet with both existing and potential new clients in a bright, purpose-built and totally professional environment complete with a guest reception area, meeting rooms, virtual conference facilities and more.


5.     Networking Opportunities and a Chance to Improve Your Social Life


Co-working with like-minded professionals offers you excellent networking opportunities that can not only help you find potential additions to your own team but give you the inspiration and support you need to succeed.

You can also take time out and enjoy a tipple or two with your co-workers without fear of being “told off” for chatting about your work – which, of course, could give your social life a boost (and let’s be honest, when running your business starts taking over, social engagements do otherwise tend to suffer…).

What’s more, The Coalface regularly organises social events including massage days, yoga experiences, parties and more to encourage mutual understanding, cooperation and a strong sense of community among our members.


The Coalface Business Centre

In a nutshell, co-working at The Coalface Business Centre in London is the perfect way to get your business up-and-running without the expense and trouble of running your own office and with the added benefit of giving you both greater networking opportunities and a more enjoyable social life.

Close to a tube station and within just 10 minutes from the city & the West End, it is also extremely convenient for commuting; flexible in terms of space rentals (with rental periods commencing at just one month) and considerably less expensive than working in the city/West End, with:

  • Private office space available from just £267/month, and
  • Membership packages starting at only £225/month.

Why not contact us now to learn more and/or book a tour of our facilities?