Top tips on being happy and successful while remote working

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Top tips on being happy and successful while remote working

Like us at The Coalface, you’re probably remote working during the Covid- 19 pandemic.

Working remotely comes with a lot of benefits but can come with its challenges, including not setting boundaries or overworking, interruptions (children/pets), struggling with the motivation to work, and productivity.

It’s really important during this time to take action to improve on the way you work and still enjoy the benefits of working remotely. Here are five tips for staying happy and successful during this difficult period.

1) You need to set boundaries

Strive for your work/life balance as if you were at the office. Meaning, don’t lose out on personal time and importantly your chance to exercise by overloading yourself with work. Make sure you are strict with yourself to allocate the right amount of time to work. Make sure to shower and get changed as you would if you were coming to The Coalface.

2) Make sure you have a dedicated working area

Having a dedicated workspace can help ease distractions such as having the news on or falling asleep while working in bed.

If you don’t have a desk for home working, try turning a corner of your home or apartment into a temporary office area and commit to using this space only for work, and during work hours only.

3) Make a schedule (and stick to it)

During this time, management is going to be different than your 9-5 in the office, nobody will be managing you but you, so self-discipline is essential. Make sure to set aside a few minutes to map out your goals for the week, then set tasks for each day.

Having a plan for the day helps to keep you focused and organised.

4) Know your priorities

It is known that when priorities are clear, the decisions are easier to make. It’s really important to align yourself with the goals that matter the most to you.

For example, if one of your priorities is to keep up with your fitness or playing a musical instrument, then adjust your plan to make sure you spend enough time to get your outdoors jog in or time on your instrument. It’s crucial to keep yourself healthy physically and mentally during this time.

5) Don’t forget yourself

During this time, everyone is experiencing this new change and having to adapt. Being stuck indoors can make days disappear, Netflix stay on for longer than usual and it can be easy to forget who you might be. Everyone needs to have a social life outside of work, so during this time, make yourself and your well-being a priority.

Don’t forget to make time for things that you’re passionate about. Whether that’s a certain hobby or even making time to play games or attend online seminars to keep learning and growing, make it as much as a priority as your work.