Wellbeing in the Workplace Ideas

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Wellbeing in the Workplace Ideas

When employees are low in mood, motivation, and happiness, productivity slips and sick days increase, neither of which are effective for helping a company achieve their bottom line. By comparison, a happy, engaged workforce experience as much as 31% increased productivity, and 10xs less sick days. Those are significant stats, and they’re enough to make most managers sit up and take notice.

In light of this damning evidence, companies across the world are working to address employee lifestyles through wellness. There are a few different reasons why The Coalface serviced offices could help you to do the same, and we’re going to consider them here.

What is wellbeing in the workplace?

Employee wellbeing is a business buzzword, and with good reason given that workforces depend on it. Still, many of us hear the term without once ever taking the time to understand it.

In general terms, wellbeing in the workplace refers to a focus on every aspect of employee life. This comprehensive outlook is primarily where the power of the approach lies, as it considers critical factors including –

● Physical wellbeing
● Psychological wellbeing
● Social wellbeing
● Environmental wellbeing

This complete package makes sure staff are as happy as possible in everything they do, and can open your workplace to benefits such as –

1. Increased productivity
2. Improved morale
3. Longer staff retention
4. Reduced absenteeism
5. Better relationships between managers and employees

Taking care of wellbeing can also attract the best new employees when you advertise a role. This, alongside those other benefits, could really take your business to the next level. That’s why 45% of UK companies have already implemented wellbeing strategies, and a further 45% intend to do the same next year. You could benefit from joining them, and The Coalface offices can play a crucial part in your journey.

How do you promote wellbeing in the workplace?

The Coalface offer serviced offices and meeting spaces that can help you promote wellbeing in the workplace in a few different ways, and they include –

● Office designs your team can get behind
Office design plays a considerable role in wellbeing, with everything from decor to plant life impacting productivity. Lucky for you, tailored office spaces by The Coalface offer a clean, crisp environment that’ll work wonders for employee happiness across the board. A focus on co-working in designs also ensures you’re always able to meet the social needs of your team.

● Flexible working
Around 78% of workers are now crying out for flexible working hours, and promoting the same within your workplace can hit each of those wellness pointers. The Coalface offices can bring this modern working within reach as you can hire offices or meeting spaces only when you need them. You won’t even have to spend a penny on wasted electricity on days when employees work from home! This can improve the wellness of your business and workers alike.

● A clean working environment
Cleanliness also matters a great deal to workplace wellbeing, and this is yet another benefit that you can enjoy when you run your office from The Coalface spaces in London. With daily cleaning onsite to guarantee all your needs are forever met, you’ll never have to worry about your team walking into a messy office. This alone can have a drastic impact on happiness and productivity overall.

● A focus on fitness
Wellbeing in the workplace is about more than just keeping your employees visibly happy. You should also be doing what you can to provide the healthiest possible environment for them. Unsurprisingly, The Coalface can help you here, too, with health-based benefits like bike storage on-site to encourage a healthier arrival every single day. We even provide flavoured water free of charge to ensure that your team stay hydrated no matter how hard they have to work in a day!

What are some wellness activities?

As well as promoting wellness using the pointers mentioned above, many managers are finding that it’s also beneficial to incorporate certain wellness activities into their working days. These, paired with the promotions already mentioned, can help you perfect workplace wellness once and for all. The question is, what exactly are these activities, and where could they fit in your The Coalface space?

● Attend our community events
As mentioned, our coworking spaces are fantastic for socialization and networking. If you want to take that benefit even further, it’s well worth taking advantage of our community events. Community breakfasts and parties are a key part of what we do. By taking the time to encourage your team to attend, you can bet they’ll never struggle for socialization again. With the opportunity to share ideas and network within new industries, wellbeing within your workplace will soon feel the benefits.

● Bike to work initiatives
Encouraging employees to cycle to work is always a good idea, and it’s an even better option when you all cycle together. This is a healthy and communal way to start your workdays, and it’s a benefit you can enjoy easily thanks to on-site bike storage at The Coalface. Parking in London is out of the question for most, so planning company-wide morning rides is a sure way to take the stress out of the commute, and start the day as you all mean to go on.

● Bring pets into The Coalface
Pets are also proven contributors to employee wellness, with many employers now going as far as to offer puppy play sessions to put a positive spring in everyone’s step. Lucky for you, The Coalface offers pet-friendly spaces that you can use to your heart’s desire. Whether you fancy introducing puppy play or just bringing a pet into the office for wellbeing each day, overall happiness will likely improve as a result.

These are just a few of the common wellness activities out there, but there are many more besides. All you need to do to enjoy them is contact us to arrange a viewing on one of our serviced offices today.